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Mentorship Programme

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Mentors play an integral role in your career. They help you push boundaries, embrace disruption, and suggest reinventions to stay relevant in the industry. At MRIE, we want to bring you some of the best mentors in the industry who can transform your career into a successful one. Our 6-months program is aimed at achieving specific goals in terms of pre-defined career objectives. Once we understand your aims, we will curate a customized program that will help you fulfil your objectives. Our panel members will also conduct consulting sessions and technical interviews at regular intervals. The mentorship program also offers services like preparing your resume as per the job profile, updating it from time to time, suggesting new openings according to your skill-sets, etc. We assign industry experts as your mentors during this time who will talk to you on a regular basis.


Learn from someone who wants you to grow – in the right direction, at the right time. Enrol for our mentorship program today!

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